Why we exist

The increasing cost of living crisis, continuing impact of the global pandemic, and geo-political disturbances have translated into increased business growth challenges for a diverse range of both underrepresented and underserved business groups within society.

Key challenges include being unable to access the finance they need to grow, alongside inclusive business growth support tailored to their needs, in order to help them improve their own economic contribution to society.

In contrast, banking and financial services firms have an increasing need to demonstrate how they serve the inclusive needs of all businesses, to not only meet their own ESG and sustainability goals, but to actively demonstrate how they contribute to economic growth through their support.

But firms lack a deeper data-driven understanding of the specific needs of underserved businesses and society, at scale. This increases both client and commercial risk, and decreases their ability to lower service costs for the delivery of inclusive services and products.

Founded in late 2022, FIN provides a unique not-for-profit, data-powered model of support that enables our partners to collaborate in a non-competitive way at an industry level.

In doing so, our partners access the bespoke private intelligence they need, whilst transforming the inclusive support that they provide, to support UK economic growth and wider society.

Principal Consultant

Our lead consultant has over 20 years of expertise across inclusive business support, innovative technology, finance and global enterprise support.

He is supported by a global network of leading experts and consultants, who are allocated according to client needs.

Joel Black Photo

Joel Blake OBE

Founder & CEO

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