Helping You Deliver the 'S' of ESG

FIN is a not for profit financial inclusion consultancy and industry network.

We design bespoke inclusive business and finance solutions, with a specific focus on the 'S' of ESG for those who partner with us.

With over 20+ years experience behind us, we simplify the process of serving the needs of underserved businesses whilst enhancing your contribution to sustainable finance and inclusion.

We uniquely combine the latest B2B data intelligence technology, industry best practices, and academic research with real-life best practices from business and finance leaders to shape our solutions.

All profits are re-invested into the development and delivery of social impact and business support programmes.

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What We Do

FIN provides an industry-first and data-driven approach to tackling financial inclusion within the SME market, to help drive societal and economic growth.

By harnessing AI technology and fostering collaboration in a non-competitive manner across the Business, Professional and Financial Services sector, we aim to reduce your risk, cut costs, and promote financial inclusion, ultimately benefiting both your partners and the businesses you support.

Join us to unlock hidden industry and business insights, combined with certified academic research and active best practices, to give actionable solutions bespoke to your needs and those who you support in society.

Why We Do It

Our vision is to achieve fair financial inclusion for all in society, through the power of business.

Benefits to our partners

Enhance stakeholder trust

Demonstrate collaborative and social value

Attract and retain both new and existing customers

Benefits to SME businesses

Improve access to finance and tailored business support

Enhance their economic contribution to society

Access deeper, inclusive support tailored to their needs

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Why You Should Join Us

We are here to help you demonstrate your commitment to inclusion with an approach that
balances both business and ESG impacts in a more modern, sustainable and measurable way

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